Free Youth Football Plays 44 Favorite Free Football Plays Offense (2024)

Free football plays for offense. Are you looking for Free Youth Football Plays? Here are 44 free plays. Many of these football plays are my favorite youth football plays that come from my youth playbooks.

This is a mega post of youth football plays and links to other top best plays and formations. There is something for everyone in the list of plays. Enjoy!!!

Many of these youth plays are simple to install and execute. These are great unstoppable plays for any youth offense. Make sure to add a few of them to your team’s youth football playbook.

Power Wing Beast Youth Football Plays

Here is a YouTube video I just did for a youth football coach. These are 16 youth football plays for 5, 6, 7 and 8U football teams. Many of these plays come out of my Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook for youth football. You can run this up to 12U, I do. If I coached high school, I would run them there too.

If you are not interested in the Beast then look below for more traditional youth football formations.

Wishbone Formation Youth Football Plays

These are 4 Wishbone Plays from my WB Formation Selected Youth Football Plays ebook. The first play is the WB QB Power Sweep. I love this power sweep play from the Wishbone. When executed properly it is a big gainer. The second play is a counter type play with a backside hand off to the 3 back hitting the 4 hole on the Double Dive. This is an interesting play. The 3rd play is the Tailback dive on an option looking play series. The 4th play is one of my favorite pass route plays. It leaks out the 2 halfbacks into the flats looking like play action.

If I had to pick one play from this group the WB QB Power Sweep is one my favorite youth football plays from this blog post.

I Formation Youth Football Plays

Below are I formation plays. Who doesn’t run the I Formation? I use it to learn holes and players. So easy to install and run. What a great formation, especially if you have a tough Tailback and blocking Fullback.

In the first play the motion back gives some good eye candy to the linebackers along with play action to one side then the QB spins back into the 4 hole. This is a simple counter play. The 2nd play is the famed I Pitch Sweep. Just pitch block and let your TB do the Sweep work for a Touchdown. The FB Gut Counter in the 3rd play is another very easy counter play out of the I. The last play is one of my favorite youth football pass plays. The Crack Motion Fly pass from the HB Option. Get’s them every time. Just set it up with the Sweep a few times. Then BAM!

Power I Youth Football Plays

These are Power I Formation Plays. I love the Power I for youth football. I grew up in the Power I Formation as a Fullback. And who doesn’t love a Wedge play to start out the Power I Play series. Give the Linebackers some motion and play action then run the QB on the Wedge. This is a great short yardage play or even a passing down when the Defense gives up the middle. The second play is a Power Dive in to the 6-hole with 2 power blockers at the point of attack. Always good for 3 to 5 yards.

The 3rd play is a simple Counter play to the halfback. The 4th play is one of my favorite route combos with the TE clearing the Flat and the FB running a Sail route. The Corner back needs to be on the top of his game for this play.

Wing-T Youth Football Plays

The Wing-T Offense plays below are some of my top Wing-T plays from my latest Wing-T eBook. The first play is the WT Waggle play or QB Boot. I love QB boot plays especially on 5 yard and in goal line plays. Play action kills the Defense and then the QB Counter boot. The Buck Sweep FB Gut Dive is an old standard in the Wing-T. As is the 3rd play in this WT series, the TB Power Sweep. The 4th plays in this group has one of my favorite route combos in the Bevo All Hooks pass.

Double Wing Youth Football Plays

The Double Wing is one of my favorite youth football formations. I usually run is from a wide wingback set. The DW plays below are from the Double Tight Double Wing formation I call RAM. It is power misdirection football at its best.

The first play is one of my favorites in the DW, the FB Counter. This a quick hitting surprise play to the Defense because they are usually focused on the Wingback in motion. The second play is another Counter play, the WB Counter. Maybe my favorite play in the DW formation. When this play is working it results in a touchdown more than half the time. As with the 3rd play the Double Reverse. The Double Reverse play is more difficult to implement but is a Hail Mary play when you need 20 yards for a first down. The TD1 route combo with a Swing is my Standard DW pass play.

The DW is a great youth football formation with awesome youth football plays. You should take a closer look at the DW if you are not familiar with the formation.

Single Wing Youth Football Plays

The Single Wing is a great youth football formation when you do not have a traditional quarterback. It works well at younger ages. Like the Wing-T Offense, the SW Offense has a diehard following of true believers. As it should since it is a very powerful youth football offense.

The first play in this SW grouping is a simple TB Power Lead Dive into the middle of the O-line. The second play is very similar but to the of-tackle hole. The 3rd play is the WB counter like the DW and WT Wingback counter plays. And the 4th play is the Tb Sweep Option pass to the TE or Leaking WB into the flats.

The Single Wing and Double Wing are two youth football formations that can be run as a total offense together. I do this with the Yale Single Wing and my Speed DW formation. They work well together.

Spread Football Plays

I have a love hate relationship with the Spread Offense. I love it when I have a great QB and talented roster and hate it when I have a great passing QB and no receivers or vice versa. Yes, I know you can run out of the Spread, but I like other formations to run from. Below are some of my favorite Spread formation plays from my Texas DFW Spread formation series out of my Wildcat Multi Spread Offense playbook.

Many of my Spread plays are run from a DW Spread formation. So many of my Spread plays are Double Wing based. The first play is the FB Counter play. It is a Direct snap to the FB while the QB and TB motion Sweep to the opposite side. This is set up by the second play in the group the 2 Back Orbit Rocket motion. The 3rd play is the underneath 2TB counter play off the 3WB motion. The Defense will be watching the motion and the 2 back hits underneath.

The last play is what I call the Lone Ranger out of the Jumbo Spread. I lost a playoff game due to this play when my slow CB got burned by a track star on the Slant. The play jumped immediately into my playbook after that. This is one of the top youth football plays from the Spread.

Top 5 Best Youth Football Plays Series

  1. Top 5 Wing T Plays
  2. Best 5 Trick Plays
  3. Top 5 Power I Plays
  4. 5 Best Single Wing Plays
  5. Top 5 DW Plays
  6. Top I Formation Plays
  7. Top 10 Youth Football Plays
  8. 6 Free Beast Plays
  9. Spread Bunch 7 Plays
  10. 20 T Formation Plays

And More Free Plays – Articles

And if that is not enough youth football plays, here are some more Free youth football plays.

I hope you enjoyed my mega post of free youth football plays, formations, and links to plays. Any youth football coach or offensive coordinator should be able to find one or two plays to add to their youth football playbook or play library.

What are your favorite youth football plays? Did my favorite youth football plays match yours?

Let me know your favorite youth football play I would love to hear from you.Leave me a comment below or find me on Twitter. I am hanging out more and more on Twitter. Come on over and say hello.

Contact meanytime. I love to talk coaching youth football.

Remember, Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!

Good Luck this Season,
Coach Parker
Keller, Texas, DFW, Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas


Free Youth Football Plays 44 Favorite Free Football Plays Offense (2024)


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